Season 2, Episode 14: “The Actor,” As Reviewed By the Theatre Critic From The New York Times

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


A Woman’s Scorn: Irony And the Disillusion of Gender
Phyllis Hammerow, Patrick Vaughn, and Dorothy Zbornak
The Miami Community Players
Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater, Wed-Friday, 4pm
Review by Ryerson B. Colby, The New York Times

When my editor sent me to Miami for opening night of this play, I knew it would be subversive. I had heard the buzz surrounding it and the rumors were flying. The characters were all played by senior citizens, the actors would read their lines from the audience, the third act was just an old Italian widow weeping in the parking lot. What I didn’t expect was  for the play to be five minutes long.

A Woman’s Scorn is a play about how the past haunts us: both a heathen’s past and a bygone era. Patrick Vaughn plays Biff, a man who arrives at this small town inhabited by elderly women in circle skirts. Vaughn…

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