Jennifer’s Body (2009): A Reconsideration

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


The pitch is a dream for a post-modern, satire-loving, cinephile: the most popular girl at school gets possessed, turns into a succubus, and starts murdering boys, and it’s up to her best friend to stop her. It seemed like a collaboration that couldn’t lose. Diablo Cody, fresh off her acclaim for Juno, was to pen a dark comedy/horror film starring Megan Fox, America’s new sexpot. After serving as merely arm candy in Transformers, this would give Fox a chance to really vamp it up. Throw in a rock band fronted by Adam Brody who sell their souls to the devil. The failure of these items to come together in a coherent, smart way is borderline infuriating. I am actively angry that this film didn’t and coudn’t become a part of our teens-gone-bad lexicon.

As an aside, I am not sure the youth of today got the reference of the title…

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