Season 2, Episode 15: “Before and After,” As Reviewed By Frank Underwood

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


You really learn a lot about someone when they’ve had a brush with death. If they get all weepy about the meaning of life, they are the selfish ones. They have the delusion that they are here for a reason. It’s the ones that didn’t care, the ones with nothing to lose. that have something interesting to say.


I don’t care for prejudice. Why dismiss someone before you can learn what scares them the most.


A person who owns luxury home doesn’t impress me; it’s just taking family drama from community theater to Madison Square Garden. Everyone wants a ticket to the dysfunction


Addicts are told to give up the thing they love most. When people lose their greatest love, they embrace tedium.


Vulnerability is like a festering wound. If you don’t bandage it, it’ll start to rot.

I have no patience for sexual promiscuity. After a while, doesn’t it…

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