A Morbid Youtube Documentary Playlist

by robinhardwick

My friend is currently recovering from surgery and chemo, and has literally already watched everything on Netflix. I pulled these from my ever-growing Youtube playlist to give to her, but it’s worth sharing here. No, I’m not a monster for giving a cancer patient such morbid movies, we share a love for depressing and dark stories. Side note, I actually convinced another mutual friend of ours to watch 100 Days of Sodom, but that’s another story.

The Staircase (Seven Part miniseries)

There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane [more here]

The Cheshire Murders

Born Into Brothels

Hookers at the Point

The Trouble With Evan

A Certain Kind of Death

The Donner Party (several parts- pun intended!)

The Wonderland Murders (about John Holmes, the porn star who inspired the character of Dirk Diggler)

Getting into Cirque de Soleil (possibly uplifting)

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Children Underground
Addicted to Fame