Graduate School: Apparently, lots of people don’t get in.

by robinhardwick

And I am one of them! Just got my rejection letter in the mail. Yes, how nice of them, to still send me a letter. To type my name into the salutation, no doubt derived from a mail merge by an underpaid admin assistant.

It’s fun to keep adding to my list of failures. Failure is so great! I’m learning a lot. It’s really going to be great for my future TED talk when I tell my story. I wish I was as excited about it as this guy!

Hey, you know those people who, after several years of working life, find a calling to go back to academics, and then pursue their goal? Those are great people.  It’s a nice success story we like to hear. You always find your friends talking about going back to grad school.  And then they do! But some of us don’t! Even though you asked someone high up in your organization to write you a rec letter and it was all for nothing. Well, it’s great that he also gave me an extra copy that I can use when I apply again next year.  Well, that IS good news!

Just think, all that time I spent studying for the GRE, and then actually scoring in a high percentile wasn’t really for nothing, because the studying helped me at LIFE. Those sentence comprehensions will really help me when I am creating agendas for meetings for the rest of my life in my non-intellectually stimulating job!

The funny part is (just wait, I promise it is funny) is that I actually was already thinking about pursuing a Ph.D. even before I got into this master’s program! Wow, I was way ahead of myself! What do they call that, er, “putting the cart before the horse”? See? I’m good with words. If only the admissions committee could see that! har har!

Then again, I could just spend the time pursuing my creative efforts, hoping that it could somehow turn into something bigger. Yes, that’s a plan! Because that always works out.