Music Video Monday: Shakespeare’s Sister

by robinhardwick

Music Video Monday is a new feature in which I over-analyze a music video from the heyday of music videos.

Shakespeare’s Sister, “Stay” (1992)

I did not find out until much later that Shakespeare’s Sister was created by Siobhan Fahey of  Banarama. I suppose she was  tired of making pop music and went more with goth-pop.

This song is pretty unique for the time because it dramatically changes in the middle; pop songs were of the usual verse-chorus-verse variety.  Act I is the power ballad, Act Two is when the crazy glitter devil woman (who I absolutely love by the way) comes to take her boyfriend’s soul. Ultimately, the “nice girl” succeeds and boyfriend in a coma wakes up.

This is from the era of music videos where the video reflects the narrative of the song, and it does it pretty well. The song is catchy and pretty dramatic, almost cinematic. Siobhan NAILS IT as the drunken angel of death. I’d like to dress as her for Halloween and have no one ever know who the hell I am supposed to be.

Why is this not a more popular karaoke song?