Music Video Monday: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

by robinhardwick

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s , “Y Control” (2003)

My love for the YYYs are endless. They came out of the grunge revival in New York in the early aughts, luckily when I was there. Their show at Irving Plaza was one of the first live bands I saw upon arriving in NYC, and it remains one of the best. One of the most impressive things is that as a trio, their sound is so dense.

This video for my favorite song of theirs is “classic” YYYs. Singer Karen O dancing around in a sparkly skater dress and asymmetrical hair while the other guys in the band solemnly rock out, looking like college professors.

Hey kids, here’s a fun fact: Spike Jonez, before he was an Oscar-winning screenwriter, used to direct music videos. Lots of ‘Em. And he did this one, mixing disturbing imagery with innocence. Lots of CGI (I hope) was used in showing children dancing and mutilating dead animals.

I’m hardly a dancer, but if you ever want to see me attempt, you can put this on.