Season 2, Episode 18: “Forgive Me Father,” As Reviewed By God

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Well hello my people. How are you liking that long book I wrote? I’ve been dying to write a sequel but really, who has the time? I’ve been too busy saving people from natural disasters while leaving others to perish, inspiring songs from The Beach Boys and Joan Osbourne, helping celebrities win Oscars and professional athletes win games. You know, the usual celeb stuff.

2014-03-25_1938 Picture not related.

Just like any celeb, I have amassed a group of Superfans. Much like Bronies, Browncoats (people inexplicably obsessed with the mediocre sci-fi western Firely), and people following that deranged cult leader Dan Harmon, I have a group of people who wear very specific costumes and devote most of their time devoted to me. They call themselves priests (and my ladyfans can be nuns). Much like the Star Trek/Star Wars devotees, they too can’t get laid! I kid, I kid. I like to…

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