Music Video Monday: Eric Prydz

by robinhardwick

Eric Prydz, “Call On Me”

You have likely heard this 2004 song in a Long Island nightclub and seen the video among “world’s most controversial” videos. Truth is, it’s one of the best electronic/pop/dance songs, whatever genre you want to put it in.

It samples, oddly, Steve Winwood’s “Valerie”, for which he recorded the new vocals for this.

The video, I’m told, is based on the movie Perfect, in which John Travolta goes undercover to investigate the beauty/fitness industry.  The video is “controversial”, I suppose, because the ladies wear the skimpiest leotards ever and stretch themselves silly, making the viewer feel like a gynecologist. Although, everything is covered.

And seriously, the ass on that instructor is fucking unreal. I’m usually against creating unattainable standards of beauty, but seriously, if you have a body like that, it’s a crime not to show it off.