Tonight, On True Blood…

by robinhardwick

A wood nymph teaches Hoyt to read; Five minotaurs fight for Sookie’s attention; Bill gets audited by the VIRS (Vampire IRS).

Tommy Mickens skinwalks as a Lakers Girl; Sam’s flannel shirt is haunted by Banshees; Bill makes Jessica takes the VSATs (Vampire SATs).

Jason cuts himself while shaving his taint; Eric and Sookie visit a lake made from Cotton Candy; Pam hosts an open mic night at the club.

Debbie Pelt teaches Arlene to take selfies; Sam hires a were-zebra as the new Merlotte’s bartender; Eric knits a Viking Quilt.

Alcide and Detective Bellefleur team up to hunt a Leprauchan; Eric terrorizes the Shreveport VDMV (Vampire DMV); Tara gets raped by a Minotaur.

Lafayette holds an unauthorized Tupperware party; Alcide Gets Heartworm; Jessica Builds a Curio Cabinet.

Tara get possessed by a meter maid; Jason fucks a Sphynx; Lafayette and Tommy Mickens start a blog.