Music Video Monday: Taking Back Sunday

by robinhardwick

Taking Back Sunday, “Cute Without the ‘e’ (Cut from the Team)”

Is there anything more 2002 than emo bands from Long Island?

Rules of emo:

Your band name must not be a noun; it should be a sentence fragment.

Have two singers: one does the “serious” singing, the other flails around stage, yelling the lyrics very emotionally.

All songs must be mysterious phrases that have nothing to do with the song.

Get booked on the Warped Tour.

Even though I was already in my early twenties by this time, I was still on board with these bands. Taking Back Sunday really lead the pack, and especially their album Tell All Your Friends.

“Cute Without the ‘e'” is undeniably catchy and does a great job of the interplay between the two singers (who, a year later, would part ways because one of them slept with one of the others sister or something) but the video really makes the song for me. You’ll recognize it as a great homage to Fight Club. These days, every dude cites Fight Club as his anthem and there have been more dvd versions of this released that most.

But realize this was 2002, and the film had quickly come and gone in theaters only three years earlier. It’s cult status didn’t really gain traction until perhaps 2005ish. Taking Back Sunday was early on their appreciation for this under-appreciated film, and did a great job re-enacting it. David Fincher would be pleased (if he ever even saw it).