You Can Tell Everything About a Person From Their Lunch Habits

by robinhardwick

Well, I’m exaggerating. But we do live in an age where our headlines need to promise the resurrection of the Messiah in order to get people to read something.

But those of us that work in a 9-5 professional office, let’s dish. (Get it?). It is a rare, rare occasion where I will skip my lunchtime. There are times I’ve taken a quick lunch, but getting food, bringing it back and eating it at my desk is my equivalent of giving up on my life. I have colleagues who ALWAYS do this. Maybe they don’t like…leisure time? Doing something for yourself? Taking a goddamn break?

Doesn’t it also stink of a martyr complex? As in, “I am so busy and important that nothing can get in the way of the magical work that I do, even basic human functions.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t work at a company that cures cancer. Nothing we really do is life-or-death.

I get not wanting to be social at lunch. Most of the time I slurp my soup while reading my twitter feed. I get it. I don’t want to sit with the group at lunch and hear bland stories about what overpriced restaurant they went to on Saturday night or their uninsightful theories about Game of Thrones.

Heaven forbid, if anyone schedules a lunch meeting, I will hunt down their family. No, I will not take your critical feedback about that project while you eat your egg salad sandwich.