Season 2, Episode 19: “Long Day’s Journey Into Marinara”

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


So, really, what is wrong with Rose? Like, really wrong? Did she have a split in reality after Charlie died? Early onset of Alzheimer’s? Because, let’s face it, no one could live with that much crazy.

This time, she is chick-sitting for a neighbor’s show chicken, who plays the piano. Yes, you read that right. Meanwhile, Aunt Angela is back only after a few episodes. I mean, let us miss her a little! Angela and Sophia start fighting again, because that’s just such an original concept. Then Angela “cooks” the show chicken and Rose has a psychotic break.


Sophia thinks Angela has made the moves on her man but it turns out Tony (her lovah) is cheating on her with someone else entirely.

I wish this could be more entertaining, but hey, some episodes are turds. However, this episode did treat us to this edgy racist joke:


Anyway, sorry for…

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