Season 2, Episode 20: Whose Face Is This, Anyway?; as Reviewed By xoJane Headlines

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Headlines From the Ladymag I love to hate:

Unpopular Opinion: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery Because I Don’t Want to Look Old and Horrible Like My Haggard Best Friends

It Happened To Me: I Went to My Sorority Reunion And I Wasn’t the Center of Attention and No One Told Me I Was Pretty


My Elderly Mother is Emotionally Abuse to Me, So I Gave Her a Makeover

It Happened To Me: I Was Blouse-Shamed

Help! Jane Pratt is Making Me Listen to the Story of How She is Besties With Liv Tyler for the Zillionth Time

Issues: Old People Can Go to College Too, You Know


You’re The Advice Columnist: Should I Date My Plastic Surgeon?

IHTM: I Live In Miami Yet Never See The Beach

Unpopular Opinion: Putting Your Friends’ Looks Down Is The Fastest Way To Self-Love

We Fired Our Gay Housekeeper: Why I Still Think His…

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