‘Parks and Recreation’ Skips Ahead to a Promising Future

by robinhardwick

This piece over at Flavorwire (not my writing) has shown me that there is still joy and hope in the television world. [I’ll admit, I’m not totally caught up on Parks & Rec.] We don’t need to see Leslie having a baby and dealing with an infant. It’s been done. We know Leslie excels best in the working world, and that’s what we want to see. I actually think more shows would benefit from time jumps.

Shall I dare make this proclamation? Parks and Recreation is officially my favorite sitcom of all time.


While I would never say that Parks and Recreation had a bad sixth season, I could surely make the case that it was an average one, even boring at times. For all the changes that happened — Ann and Chris moved away (and Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe left the show), Ben lost his job, Leslie was removed from City Council, Leslie got pregnant with triplets, Jerry became Larry, etc. — everything still felt very much the same. It’s a safe show, one that’s overly sweet and hopelessly optimistic, but what was once refreshing began to feel repetitive. To be honest, I was dreading the season finale and worried about its predictability, but it featured a fantastic twist that has me excited for Season 7.

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