Why I Am Not Even Going to Address The New Jem And the Holograms Movie

by robinhardwick

Because, well, it’s not an actual Jem movie. If there was an intention of it being any sort of homage to Jem, they would include Christy Marx, and not make it some dumb plot about a girrrrrllll rock band on the road. They would also include the Starlight girls, the record company and hey, ugh, I don’t know…the MISFITS? The joie de vivre of the show? Everyone likes the villain. And we all know that the Misfits were way better than those do-gooders the Holograms anyway.

This is another situation of a movie studio scrambling to snatch up the rights to a Saturday morning kids cartoon with the intent of marketing it on pure surface nostalgia. And can we blame them? Movie studios are in the business of making money. As much as we like to think they have an obligation to “make art” , it just won’t happen. I wish the young actresses cast in the film the best of luck, I don’t forsake them for it. But, since this is the last time I am going to address this, I’d like to share my brilliant casting idea: Ke$ha as Pzaz. Am I right?




And now that we are really not going to talk about it again, can we please enjoy the Misfits best song.