Society (1989); Not Fun Enough For Cult Classic Status

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


Society’s metaphor, in that the rich feed (in this case, literally), may have been too ham-fisted for it to be actually effective. This film seems less like a cautionary tale and more like a vehicle to display a grotesque idea from special effects guru Screaming Mad George. Many know “George” as the designer of the original creature from Predator, but I know him from the terrifying and grotesque deaths from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, one of the most visually frightening films I’ve ever seen.

George, you see, specializes in body modification horror, which is the horror that comes from one’s body changing into something without their control. (The most common example of this genre is Jeff Goldblum in The Fly). It scares me to even write about it, but in Nightmare 4, Brooke Thiessen’s death nightmare involved her getting caught in a sticky roach…

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