Is It Satire? SNL addition

by robinhardwick

I didn’t watch this weekend’s SNL, because I saw a gif of every second of it the next day on tumblr. But apparently Leslie Jones, writer, made an appearance to talk about how slavery would have been great for her love life.

Surely, not everyone loved it.

Ebony wrote:
It’s disturbing to imagine that Jones’ own understanding is so limited that she actually believes do ‘better’ with men if forced breeding were on the table—that she actually doesn’t understand that mating between enslaved Africans was often under duress—and, also, even if there was some shred of humor in this routine, that SNL is the wrong venue for it.

The thing is…Jones certainly DOES understand the horrors of forced breeding/slavery, which is WHY she did the bit. It’s satirical. People don’t have to find it funny, or can be offended, but how can they still not understand that it is satire?

Let ‘s break it down even further. Jones is not using slavery for shock value. She is making the point that Lupita is accepted as “the most beautiful” because she confirms to a lot of white standards of beauty- namely is thin and petite. Black women, to the mainstream, are not considered beautiful if they don’t meet these standards. The irony that Jones is pointing out is that one of the only time black women were able to be found “attractive” is when they were slaves, as in, it’s ironic and terrible that in slavery where it was more common for white men to lust after Black women (and often resulted in rape).

It’s a commentary on beauty standards for Black women, and how Black women are seen as a commodity for white people only. Thus, using exaggerated and irony to show a social message.

Personally, I found it funny because this is how I interpreted it, not to mention Leslie Jones has great charisma and a great presence. I understand that many, especially those that identify as black women, can be hurt by her breaching of the subject. But for Pete’s sake, to say that Jones doesn’t UNDERSTAND the plight of slavery? That is infuriating. Not to mention insulting to Leslie Jones.