So this is the Great Mulaney Trailer

by robinhardwick

As with everyone with coastal privilege, I often ponder “why does anyone watch sitcoms?”. Much of the talk has been around the forthcoming series Mulaney. It was supposed to be uh-mazing. So much so that there was a near riot when NBC passed on it. Fox swooped in, however, and picked up the pilot to a series order. It is supposedly amazing because of creator/star John Mulaney, hailed comic and former Saturday Night Live writer. And more prestigiously, he was voted hottest comic by Buzzfeed.  (Although he is known to me as George Sr. Geegland of Oh, Hello! from The Kroll Show.) Another thing going for it: Julie Klausner also wrote on several episodes.

The alleged sitcom messiah released its first trailer and boy does it annoy the shit out of me already. First of all, it’s pretty much Seinfeld for a new era, with the title being his last name and the story intercut with bits of his standup routine, which are, shall I say, not so imaginative.

Once again, it’s a show written by someone in show business who writes the character as someone in show business. Sure, someone once said, write what you know, but as a professional comedy writer, one should be able to write characters that are of the 99.9999% that don’t work in show business. I am sure they want the show to be relatable, so why not stretch the imagination to someone who is a bit more reflective of a larger group of people? Listen, workplaces all have the same drama, whether it’s a writer’s room or a paper company. Writers can still infuse their style and funny quips into the situation. (The Office and Parks and Recreation have no trouble infusing hilarity into seemingly unglamorous workplaces.)

Also, if these are supposedly the funniest bits, then yikes. A young girl bemoaning her dating life? Yawn. A crazy boss? Very low-hanging fruit. Now, considering it’s on Fox, the low-hanging fruit is not surprising, but if Mulaney is supposed to be the next great sitcom, I’m not convinced.

Moreover, comics, writers and filmmakers need to get their heads out of their asses and write something other than being a comic, writer, or filmmaker. If I wanted to watch masturbation, there are plenty of other places I could do that.