What We Talk About When We Talk About That Jennifer Lawrence / Miley Cyrus Puke Story

by robinhardwick

Did you hear the news? The Oscars was eons ago, but Jennifer Lawrence, America’s bff, official cool girl, admitted to puking at an afterparty at the Oscars, and Miley Cyrus gave her the side-eye about it.

What we have is media trying to pit two young women against each other, causing us to take sides. As there are only two sides to a woman’s existence: the good girl and the bad girl. We are also still trying to hold Lawrence up as a paragon of the “cool girl” archetype. She’s hot AND she’s gross. She’s super hot so we forgive her for acting like an alcoholic at a fancy party. It’s not cute. Nor is that Dorito all over the white dress story.

This is not about Jennifer Lawrence. This is about the media desperate to make her some sort of hero to women everywhere. It’s about making her every move something that “wins the internet” or “makes us love her more than we already did.” It’s about creating a white, conventionally attractive woman who can do no wrong, who we can’t judge,because we’ll chalk everything up to her being so fun and and so kooky! All of us should aspire to be her. A real “chick that can hang.” [Well done, Amy Schumer, well done.]