Music Video Monday: Ramones

by robinhardwick

The Ramones, “Pet Cemetary”

The Ramones didn’t make that many videos. I think it’s not that they didn’t want to, it was just before their time. However, had the times aligned, I am sure it is something they would embrace.

I was reminded of this song after mentioning it ad nauseum on this episode of Much Ado About Cats. However, it is probably one of the most non-Ramonesey Ramones song, obviously slickly produced by a studio. it still sounds great and is actually hauntingly beautiful. It’s also rare that a Ramones song is written in a minor key.

It was written for (in a way, “commissioned”) for the film Pet Sematary, which was an odd pairing. This was also at a time when music videos from films featured clips from the film as an unspoken mandate. The Ramones part of the video remains somewhat awkward, with the band literally standing in a cemetery interacting with some strange individuals. It makes it even odder when these goofy scenes are intercut with scenes of a man losing his child in a horrific car accident, a re-awakened child going on a murder spree.

I recently watched the film, which somehow seemed scarier than I remember. It’s not a great film, but definitely a creepy one. This song over the credits somehow makes it creepier.