Music Video Monday: Foster The People

by robinhardwick

Foster the People, “Best Friend”

Look, I’m doing a video that just came out! I’m relevant! I’m not exactly a fan of this band, as they mostly sound like they are whining not singing (hello, I’m my parents) but this video is a throwback to the nineties when people were obsessed with supermodels. At a time when they were so popular they were opening goddamn theme restaurants.

The video idea is a bit simplistic, a struggling model eats other girls to absorb their beauty and looks, until she is so misshapen and deformed that she can’t even walk down a runway and people are horrified. I think there was an attempt to make some sort of statement about body image, which doesn’t really add anything to the cause.

I seem to be shitting on this video, but visually it is interesting and I love the throwback to when music videos were short films and had narratives and characters. Also, pretty model is pretty.