Season 2, Episode 23; “Son-In-Law Dearest” as Told By Titles of Misfits Songs

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

The misfitsGrowing up, I imagined my daughter Kate as a TEENAGER FROM MARS. I mean, my time as a teenager was so different. I never understood her need to hang out at the record store or all the time she and her friends wanted to talk on the phone.

Then she comes along one day to tell me she’s getting married. I never even met the guy! I figured though, if Kate likes him, then I like him. I mean, the man is a doctor for Pete’s sake! He makes sure people don’t DIE DIE MY DARLING. No, it’s not because I’m shallow. It’s so if Kate ever hurts herself, he’ll know how to take care of her. By spending lots of money on her! I kid, I kid. I just don’t want to find her in a DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE.


Kate comes for a visit and tells me she has some…

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