Music Video Monday: The Making of A Male Model

by robinhardwick

I’m already going to break the rules and not do an actual music video, because this was too good not to share. Everthing Is Terrible posted this highlight clip of this amazing 1984 tv movie, about the trials of a simple cowboy who is thrust into the fabulous yet dangerous world of male modeling. This is everything I love, including the eighties obsession with modeling, made for television movies, and someone swept up into the dangerous world of fame.

Thanks to the internet, I’m in possession of the entire film, which I will sit down and watch with glee after a long day at work. The internet, however, has also informed me that the hunky star, Jon-Erik Hexum, (love the hyphenated first name!) died tragically at the age of twenty-six while filming a television show.

The film really turns gender roles on its head, you know? He doesn’t like the way he is objectified and all the things people expect of him because he’s really really good looking. What I wouldn’t give to have this rebooted.