Suggested Titles For Your Podcast

by robinhardwick

The Godcast: A Rabbi and a Priest walk into a room and record a podcast together, hilarity always ensues.

The Bodcast: Jesse “The Body” Ventura and his sidekick talk about politics, fast food, and their cats.

The Dodcast: Two lifelong friends and TV fans watch and deconstruct episodes of The Days And Nights of Molly Dodd.

The FODcast: Aspiring, but not bitter, comedians discuss the process of producing a successful video Funny or Die and attempt to answer the question “can women be funny?”

The Hodcast: Kathy Lee Gifford hosts a champagne-riddled game show in which contestants have to spell Hoda Kotb’s name

The Sodcast: The floor of Rigley Field shares its favorite sports memories.

The Brodcast: Matthew Broderick provides behind the scenes stories and trivia from Jingle All the Way

The Codcast: Shakespeare Theater Wardrobe Director answers listener questions about appropriate codpieces to use for their regional theater productions.

The Todcast: Todd Oldham revives his much-loved “Todd Time” Segment from House of Style in an audio format.

The Yodcast: Game of Thrones episodes, we recap

The Zodcast: General Zod, with sidekick Non conduct in-depth and raw interviews with comedians as a way of working out his own insecurities.

The Smodcast: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, a.k.a. “Jay and Silent Bob” in a weekly show continually sharing their favorite anecdotes about their careers in the early nineties.