On the Attractive Convict and Moral Policing of Women

by robinhardwick

The attractive convict meme* is already over because it has hit mainstream news reports. [Isn’t it always cringe-worthy when newsdesk reporters try to report on internet trends?]

These are the kind of internet memes I love. One where everyone can participate by making clever comments, it’s a meme that we all feel a part of, and not one ridiculing someone. And guess what- looking at attractive people is fun. I think our celeb culture has proved that.

But then I saw this demeaning, moral-shaming report. The meme was something that I chuckled at then moved on from, expecting it to be over within a few hours like most viral phenomenon. The “remember ladies, he IS a convicted criminal” lecturing at the end of really fucking insulting to women.

Yes, we are aware. None of us are actually in love with him. It’s a meme that we can all participate in, and it’s fun. We’re not some stupid virginal innocents that will be whisked away into a life of crime by the first criminal that we see with baby blue eyes. We don’t need a reminder to pick a “good guy”.

Also, in our lives, if we were in love with someone who was a convicted criminal, that’s someone’s personal matter and can be more complicated than getting a “listen, ladies” warning.

I don’t even have to mention the millions, no billions, of internet comments on pictures of women about their looks or “fuckability”, even when the subject of the picture was not even soliciting these comments. I hate to make the argument that just because degradation happens to women on the internet, it should also happen to men, but it is incredibly hypocritical for someone to call out how wrong making these comments is.

As for Jeremy Meeks, the man in the picture? He doesn’t seem to care that much, he’s more concerned with getting out of jail. Although I don’t deny that when and if he does, someone will give him a modeling/reality show contract, because we are a disgusting culture hell bent on destroying ourselves.