‘Nathan For You’ season 2 premiere recap: More absurd business advice

by robinhardwick

Here’s my first recap for the Entertainment Weekly Community page. I’m realizing now that a faux-reality comedy show is not an easy thing to recap.

EW Community

Season 2 | Episode 1 | “Mechanic/Realtor” | Aired July 1, 2014

Last night was the much-anticipated premiere of the second season of Nathan For You, a show whose premise is simple, but whose appeal is a bit more elusive. Nathan For You can be described as many things: a reality show, a prank show, a business development show and a surrealist comedy show. There’s the delightful social awkwardness of host and business consultant Nathan Fielder, which gives the viewer the delightful schadenfreude of seeing him try to connect with people; this seems to be his true goal in all of his interactions. Despite just wanting to be liked, Nathan has the awkward, deadpan, dry humor down to a science.

The first business Nathan tackles is G&Y Auto Repair (“I thought it said ‘gay auto shop,’” quips Nathan.) What do people look for in auto repair? Honesty. Nathan’s idea: Have…

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