One Night Only

by robinhardwick

Those of you that follow me know that I wrote for happened over the weekend. It was a one night only show, so a lot was riding on it. Cues, sounds, and actors were flawless, and all seats, plus standing room, were sold-out.


Having written two sketches, I was nervous/excited for audience reaction. I was a bit anxious when my sletches didn’t get the amount of laughs per capita of the other sketches. Is that how comedy should be measured? Is that what writing should be geared towards? That’s rehetorical, I know there is a certain way to write comedy; I had to make an adjustment about how my sketches were received. My big thing is that I am so fucking wordy. it feels like every time a character has a line, it’s a soliloquy.


The other cool news is that Amanda Palmer was in the audience, and liked it enough to instagram it: