Music Video Monday: The Pet Shop Boys

by robinhardwick

The Pet Shop Boys are never a group I would consider a favorite, because they just are great by default. I own all their albums, all the way up to their most recent release two years ago. For me, their most standout single and video is:

The Pet Shop Boys, “What Have I Done to Deserve This?”

Several things to note about why I love this video: First, the asthetic of the Vegas showgirls; sure it may be objectifying but it’s such a classic image with phenomenal costumes and head pieces. I paid top dollar to see Jubilee! in Las Vegas because of the Bob Mackie costumes. Spoiler alert: the show is borderline unwatchable. But the use of showgirls in a pop video is pretty damn cool.


One they get to the refrain of “I bought you drinks, I brought you flowers/ I read you books and talked for hours”- it’s almost like they are rapping. It works.

I love how The Pet Shop Boys appear in every video, even though they always look like they don’t care and/or don’t belong.


Also, Dusty Springfield bringing the memorable chorus and key change. Also, rocking a sequin blazer.