Is this movie trailer serious?

by robinhardwick

Film trailers that are too long annoy me. Especially the ones that are trying too hard. And nothing is trying hard than this film called I Origins!

So much to dissect. Firstly, it’s trying to hard to have an atmosphere only Spike Jones can create. And Michael Pitt is supposed to be smart. Because he is a scientist! And wears glasses! And has a tragic love affair! Way to go for giving away most of the plot- he ends up dating the model whose eyes he sees on the billboard, who is a French manic pixie dream girl, only to travel to India to find her eye-double. Also, I love how he gets off the plane in India and is all “has anyone seen these eyes” as if the country doesn’t have a gazillion people. And then he find her and then…what? Falls in the love with the little girl? Also, the title. I see how it’s a play on ‘Eye Origins’ but why not just call it that?

So much to hate I’m practically giddy!