Music Video Monday: Belinda Carlisle

by robinhardwick

There are so many things about this video that I love, unironically.

Belinda Carlisle, “I Get Weak”

I only found out recently that this video was directed by Diane friggin’ Keaton. I didn’t even know she directed anything. Diane really got the concept though, because it’s fantastic, and sort of flips an eighties trope on its head, even during the  eighties.


In this fantasy world, countless women are getting the vapors for, fainting, and lusting BAD for a guy projected on the screen. The Roman-nosed hottie is model Tony Ward, former boyfriend of Madonna (of course) and supermodel in many jeans advertisements. He is pretty dreamy, and looks unlike any music video hunk. It’s the flipside to having “music video babes” gyrate for the male amusement.

There’s alot of heavy-handed metaphors about feeling weak when in love, including ribbons tied around people’s ankles when they walk, blindfolds, fainting, rooms full of smoke, etc. Lots of ladies are trying to get to the screen to touch the guy, but they never make it.

This is also around the era that special effects artists created a way to colorize only one thing in a black and white video, and boy, do they show it off here. It’s a great color pallet, and I enjoy Belinda’s red lip and blue silk bathrobe dress thing.


Belinda rolls up, and is all. out of my way everyone, he’s mine. She approaches the screen and is sucked into the picture with the model. She gloats at the other girls and then covers his mouth and drags him off screen, as to have her way with him. I’m not really an advocate of that part, but this video does show some aggressive female sexuality. Belinda knows she is a hot woman, and she goes for it. It’s her fricking video, so she should “win” the guy, I guess?


This video is individually fun and is one of the last times a video is conceptual in a real earnest way. Also, Belinda’s hair looks amazing.