Weekly Reader August 8

by robinhardwick

When It’s Bad to Have Good Choices [New Yorker]

Amenities, Not Enemies: The Once and Future San Francisco [Boom]

Chuck Palahniuk’s Views on Gender in Fiction Haven’t Evolved Since 2005 [Flavorwire]

Why the Unanimous Praise for ‘Boyhood’ Is Bad for Film Criticism — and for ‘Boyhood’[Criticwire]

Manson Girl Patricia Krenwinkel Gives Prison Interview [Gawker]

The Ivy Leagues are a ludicrous waste of resources [Salon]

An Illustrated Guide to Lake Merritt [The Bold italic]

Give me doughy lovable Chris Pratt [Salon]

I Guess We’re Gonna Have To Take Control: My Response To the Proposed Ghostbusters Film [paste magazine]

Diary of a Young American Girl in Los Angeles [The Awl]

Still White, Still Male: The Anachronism of Harvard’s Final Clubs [The Atlantic]

The Libertarian Moment Has Not Arrived [The Federalist]

The beautiful imperfection of Magnolia [The Dissolve]

How I Became Thousands of Nerds’ Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo [Gawker]