Consumption Junction: Stop Making Sense

by robinhardwick

Scott Meslow in The Week writes:

There’s always value in thinking about movies, but attempting to explain them can sand over what made them so interesting in the first place and rob them of a different kind of power. Some movies don’t need to be deciphered; they need to be experienced.

which applied to the two films I watched over this weekend, the first being Enemy, which I can see why so many people wouldn’t enjoy, it was like watching the world through a sepia, slow filter. I WANT to put the pieces together, and the breadcrumbs are there, but I’d rather just use my imagination for different interpretations.


The director, Dennis Villeneuve also directed Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners, an underrated dark mystery, that does, in fact tie everything together in the end.



I-make-any-movie-I-feel-like Mark Duplass stars in The One I Love, another film with a “what just happened?” ending, that is less like a full developed movie than an episode of The Twilight Zone. The theories are running rampant on this one too.