Music Video Monday: Yazoo

by robinhardwick

yazoo only you official video   YouTube

Yazoo, “Only You”

This song had a couple resurges in recent years. One, when it was used on the soundtrack to Can’t Hardly Wait when J-Lo Hewitt meets Ethan Embry at the train station in that angel tee shirt and she tells him she read his letter. More importantly, it is played on the Christmas special of the U.K., ahem, original version of The Office, when Dawn and Tim kiss for the first time. It’s one of the only love stories I actually gave a shit about. Good job deejaying the party, Keith.


But then there’s the actual video. It’s computer animation from the eighties, but still not bad. The man mannequin finds the woman mannequin in pieces, and he gently puts her back together. What can I say? It works. It’s a song that will make you love anything you watch when it’s playing in the background.