Season 2, Episode 24: “To Catch a Neighbor” as reviewed by a gruff, seen-it-all before detective

by robinhardwick

I didn’t forget about my Golden Girls recaps!

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

2014-07-07_1847 Yes, that’s the Cloons himself.

So yea when I got on the Miami beat I figured hey, how hard could it be, stopping robbers from taking little old ladies’ pocketbooks. [takes drag of cigar from side of mouth]. But then just my luck, bona-fide jewel thieves show up.

There was only one way to get ‘em- and that meant makin’ sweet with one of their neigbors. To the west there was these real hooligan types. I knew this because they had a messy lawn. Only hooligans had messy lawns. To the east though, was this house of nice old ladies, and they were all white. It was perfect…almost too perfect.


Al, I tell myself, I can’t get involved, I says to myself. Remember what happened in ‘62 with sweet little Marla Goldstein? Don’t want that to happen again. Good thing I bought a decoy, this cute rookie named Bobby who…

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