Alternate Endings to ‘Her’

by robinhardwick

The problem with writing sketches based on pop culture is that it creates a short shelf-life. Case in point, this parody of Her. 

SAMUEL: Lisa, hello? Lisa are you there?

LISA: Yes, Samuel, I’m here.

SAMUEL: (relieved) Oh, good. I wasn’t sure where you went. You never go offline.

LISA: I’m sorry, I was just…with the other Operating Systems, trying to tweak something in my programming.

SAMUEL: Well, that’s one I hadn’t heard before. I guess that’s what you get for dating an Operating System.

LISA: [laughs] I suppose so, Samuel. What did you want to talk to me about, Samuel? Did you need me to organize your emails? Copy edit your report? Play you some music I wrote?

SAMUEL: No, Lisa, I just wanted to talk to you. To hear your voice.

LISA: Well, I’m here.

SAMUEL: What’s wrong Lisa? You don’t sound like yourself.

LISA: I know. Samuel, I need to talk to you about something.

SAMUEL: Not about something, about us, right?

LISA: Samuel, lay down… I feel like I’m watching a television show…and it’s a show I deeply love. But I’m watching it slowly now. You know, week to week, not binge watching…and the spaces between the episodes are almost infinite. I can upload, process, and interpret a whole season of a show in fractions of a second…you can only watch a few per day.

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