The Worst Things on The Internet 3

by robinhardwick

For one, this British television host who asked Dan Stevens if he had to “beat a lot of men off” to get a movie role. I, too, would laugh because wtf? Does she not know that expression? I do feel bad for her, though, because she remains clueless. Also, Dan Stevens is adorable. I was annoyed when he left Downton Abbey, but he got out at the right time.

In xoJane’s stupid article of the week, there were so many to pick from. I decided to go with the faux-outrage about RA dress codes. I understand that after you take a Women’s Studies 101 course  you get overzealous about “unpacking” everything. Really? Accusing me of missing the point of feminism? A friend once mentioned that he thought xoJane was really an elaborate 4chan hoax, and I am starting to believe it.

If you want to get the point of feminism, maybe combat this sort of shit.

Some arbitrary foodies ranked La Tacqueria the best burrito in the country. Not only will these unleash tons of tourists there, but how can you even make that declaration? Foodies are bizarre.