Music Video Monday: Sonic Youth

by robinhardwick

I saw Sonic Youth as the headline at Lollapalooza ’94, the show that will never be forgotten. As you may already know, they are known for their extended jams including feedback and distortions, but they also have several “radio-friendly” hits, such as the song “100%”.

This video so encapsulates everything I thought being the height of cool was in the early 90s. Kim Gordon in a baseball tee and sunglasses. A girl with a bodysuit and a flannel around her waist.


Just guys and gals hanging out at a house party , in beanies and plaid.

S6onic Youth   100    YouTube

A young Spike Jonez in…flannel.

4Sonic Youth   100    YouTube

You were arrested if you didn’t wear some sort of beanie/flannel combo.

3Sonic Youth   100    YouTube

Black and White shots of a young Jason Lee skateboarding. Do you think he had any idea he’s be in the film Heartbreakers?

2Sonic Youth   100    YouTube

Here’s to Thurston and Kim, the coolest couple ever. If they couldn’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Sonic Youth   100    YouTube