‘Million Dollar Listing’: An episode Mad Lib

by robinhardwick

I tried something different this time.

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Season 7 | Episode 5 | “Flagg vs. Serhant” | Aired Sept 17, 2014

As always, it’s a sunny day in Los Angeles. Josh Flagg puts on his loafers and loads up the [liquid] in his hair. Now he’s ready to make a deal. He meets meets the buyer’s agents at a [name of restaurant] and orders a [type of drink.]. He smugly smiles and suggests a [high number]. The other agents balk, but Josh holds his ground and tells the other agent [insert witty insult]. Finally, the agent relents and Josh saunters away, with a profit. He wins every time!

James wakes up with his wife, [a name that rhymes with “malaria”], says hello to his daughters, and tells them [a cheeky British term of endearment]. James arrives at the house and they brush each other’s [part of the body]. They are ready to hit the day, making deals and making their…

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