Weekly Reader September 19

by robinhardwick

A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass [The Awl]

The Scourge of “Relatability” [The New Yorker]

Trail of Medical Missteps in a Peace Corps Death [New York Times]

Grey Gardens and the tragedy of short-term beauty [The Dissolve]

You Are the Only Human Being Left On Earth Not In Graduate School: A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare. [McSweeney’s]

Utopia/Dystopia: Unpacking Fox’s Startlingly Racist, Sexist, Retrograde Flop of a Reality Series [Grantland]

How to Tell if You’re in a MFA Workshop Story [The Toast]

Why Did Charity Johnson Pretend To Be A Teenager For 20 Years [Buzzfeed]