Music Video Monday: Elton John

by robinhardwick

(Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, deal with it.)

Elton John   I m Still Standing   YouTube3

How can anyone not be completely lifted out of a mood, even just a tad bit after hearing this Elton John song. I usually don’t pay attention to deeper meanings, but it not hard to interpret this as Elton John saying “Yes, I’m an out and proud gay man, my life is more fantastic than you could ever imagine, and none of your bigoted, close-minded bullshit gets to me because I’m still standing, and in fact, strutting around the beaches of Cannes with amazing dancers all around me.”

The video is so gloriously gay, and even more wonderful when you remember that this was 1983 in the height of the AIDs scare, I love that it exists.

Elton John   I m Still Standing   YouTube4Elton John   I m Still Standing   YouTube2Elton John   I m Still Standing   YouTube