The Worst Things on the Internet 4

by robinhardwick

The week is almost over and I was afraid that I wouldn’t find anything worthy this week, but thank you Mr. Bill Frezza, former president of his fraternity at MIT, for (attempting) to publish this decree:


Forbes must let their columnists publish without any checks and balances, because they quickly pulled the column and Mr. Frezza was fired. But the internet never forgets.

I know this act will have apologizers screaming “Freedom of Speech!” but let me remind you that this man is not in any legal danger. He was fired from his job. Not for just making an outrageous, controversial statement (thanks Bill, for  the meta-acknowledgement, that your title is clickbait) but because it is so uninformed it makes my head explode.  It amazes me the twisted logic people employ to rationalize their bullshit.

It is also beyond me how in this day and age colleges and universities are still recognizing fraternities and sororities as official camps-sanctioned organizations.  I am sure they will still exit if they are not part of the campus structure. But any recognition, even for harm reduction purposes, is an endorsement of behavior.