How To Write a ‘Gone Girl’ Thinkpiece

by robinhardwick



I just published this on Medium

As a devout feminist committed to calling out gender issues in pop culture, this may seem a bit nasty. I think, as a feminist, it’s okay to take a step back and see how ridiculous we can get. The recent release of Gone Girl has launched a thousand think pieces, which was not a bad thing. The movie was phenomenal. It’s a film that gets under your skin and you think about for a long time. David Fincher is a marvel at film making. I like that people are thinking about it.

Yet, there’s a rush to call it out as “problematic” and try to make it mean more than it does. Of course, everything means something; film is a reflection of society. But I am having feminist fatigue about trying to make sense of it all. Sure, Amy is evil and a horrible person, but that’s because the character was written that way. Women can be horrible too, just like they can be just and strong and funny etc. That’s all I want as a feminist, for women to have the same range of character traits as men.

If I WERE to write a thinkpiece about the film it would be how Amy is fulfilling a sick fantasy that many of us have. Ultimately, Nick no longer thinks she is amazing, she is no longer the center of his world, and for that crime he must suffer.  In this narcissistic society, social neglect is the most horrible affliction.