Weekly Reader October 10

by robinhardwick

David Fincher’s Misdirections: The Movies Inside His Movies [Grantland]

The Unseen FREAKS [Badass Digest]

Confessions of Thought Catalog’s Biggest Troll [Gawker]

I never should have followed my dreams [Salon]

The Price of Black Ambition [VQR]

I’m Not Impressed By Aziz Ansari’s Feminism [Buzzfeed]

Gossip rag has good laugh over Amanda Bynes’s apparent mental illness [death and taxes]

‘SNL,’ the Groundlings, and the Parallel Thinking Excuse [Splitsider]

Vice: We’ve Been Had, and We Let It Happen [Hazlitt]

How My Rocky Horror Picture Show Identity Both Proves and Disproves the Existence of the Essential Soul [The Toast]

Office Role-Play? Meet The People Who Pretend To Work At An Office Together [Fast Company]

Why the Trolls Will Always Win [Wired]