Music Video Monday: Korn

by robinhardwick

Korn   Freak on a Leash  3 YouTube

If asked if I liked Korn, I would say “yes” without any irony.

Okay, I don’t know their whole oevre, but “Freak On a Leash” is a solid metal song. Is it metal? Nu-metal? I don’t know. The video, at the time it came out, was fairly progressive in special effects. Sure, it looks like a high school art project now, but hey, it is dark. And has an anti-gun message, I think.

Korn   Freak on a Leash   YouTube

I know, I know, the band looks like Matthew Lillard with pigtails. They have a member named Munkey. I didn’t say I was a huge fan.

The metal beat boxing at 2:38 is my favorite.

Korn   Freak on a Leash2   YouTube