Being Ignorant and Unfunny is Not “Brave”

by robinhardwick

Something I have been following with intent is the racist, homophobic, and unfunny stage shows at various amusement parks. Jamie Lee Curtis Taete at Vice wrote about it last year, and it made more people aware of it, thus allowing more people to voice their protests. Universal Studios decided to shut it down, and the same people who were shouting “not MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH” over that Duck Dynasty guy were up in arms about people being too sensitive.

Too sensitive? When you create a show where Superman gets “fairy dust” poured on him and he wants to do nothing but suck dick, sensitivity is not the issue here. It’s being a decent human being and not tolerating homophobia. But I don’t need to tell you that!

So, it turns out that Knott’s Berry Farm is now producing a similar pop-culture reference (notice I didn’t say ‘jokes’) that includes a storyline about the Universal Studios show getting canceled because of people being too “sensitive” to handle “edgy” material. The meta-mention of their own assholery is fascinating. The comments on the article just prove his point.

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete (I do hate that he thinks naming himself that is funny) is also one of my favorite internet people. He writes for Vice and seems too intentionally weird, but he also stands against shitty ignorance and bigotry, something you wouldn’t always expect a Vice writer to do. His instagram is pretty amusing. 

You can watch the awful Knott’s Berry Farm show here, but it’s sure to be taken down soon. Some highlights: Pamela Anderson is called a slut, Justin Bieber is called gay, Carrie Fisher is called fat, and other REALLY CREATIVE COMEDY BITS.