I’m Listening to Music Again, and Here’s What I Discovered

by robinhardwick


Remember how into music I was? As in, I used to annoy the shit out of everyone telling them the names of bands they never heard of? Well, I haven’t been able to do that in the past few years, because one, reading music blogs takes a lot of time, and two, I have not been able to listen to music in my car for the past seven years. Since I got a new car (did I mention I got a new car?) I can listen to a terabyte of music on shuffle, and I’m starting to feel the music snob coming back. Here are some recent music epiphanies:

I already told you about rediscovering Rilo Kiley. I miss them.

The Raveonettes have yet another new album, just as amazing as each one before it. I think they are the perfect example of a band that has a certain sound and never changes it, and never should.

Unpopular opinion, maybe: Bossonova is the best Pixies album. It includes the incredible song “The Happening” which includes every great thing about the Pixies. If someone wanted to parody the Pixies, it would come out as this song. It has every hallmark of a great Pixies song: starts off slow and quiet, leads into Frank yelling nonsensical words, harmonized vocals on a chorus, distinctive bass melody lines (Kim Deal!)

Is the band Saturday Looks Good to Me the only modern indie band that has a Motown-influenced sound?

I forgot who introduced me to the band Rival Sons, but bless them. This fills the White Stripes-filled hole in my heart.