by robinhardwick

Lately I just don’t wanna think about it, don’t want to analyze it, don’t want to argue about it. I should be grateful that feminism is now deemed “acceptable” by Beyonce, so people are talking about it, but I’m tired of all the useless bullshit in the media conversations we are having. To deciding that Gone Girl is inherently misogynist, to Emma Watson spouting ‘bad’ feminism, saying hashtag activism doesn’t work, to thinkpieces on the term ‘basic bitches’, to goddamn arguing about #gamergate, and all the argument about what feminism IS, it’s just really exhausted.

When me make strides in gender equality, feminists argue that it’s the WRONG kind of strides. That it’s not enough. The feminist movement leaves out the voices of women of color, but how can we even start those conversations if we can’t even agree on everything? Feminism has become a terrible committee meeting and there’s no agenda and people don’t care what others are saying because they are just thinking about the next angry tweet.

I need a break. Maybe it’s a privilege to be able to take a break, but feminists, get your shit together, seriously.