‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ recap: Josh and Heather move on

by robinhardwick

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Season 7 | Episode 10 | “Million Dollar Frisking” | Aired Oct 22, 2014

As we already know, Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu postponed their wedding. Not canceled, but just postponed. Josh is obsessed—and likely addicted to—his work. In a conversation way too reasonable and sensible for a reality television show, Heather explains that her parents got divorced because her father was a workaholic, and she doesn’t want to repeat the patterns of her parents.

Josh explains that he’s working so hard now so they will be set financially later. Heather points out that no amount of money will be enough for Josh, because he will always want to chase the next big listing. Josh admits that he needs to reprioritize and put work into the relationship.

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I apologize for the lack of witty commentary, but this is one of the most mature and self-aware conversations seen on reality TV. (To be…

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