‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ recap: A devastating goodbye

by robinhardwick

EW Community

Season 7 | Episode 11 | “Circling the Waters” | Aired Oct 29, 2014

It would be easy to peg Josh Flagg as a spoiled, rich, materialistic guy. Sure, he did grow up in Beverly Hills in a wealthy family. Sure, he likes nice clothes and nice cars, but he also works hard in his career, something he learned from his grandmother, Edith Flagg. Sadly, in season 7’s penultimate episode, we learn that Edith has passed away at the age of 95.

In the middle of a showing, Josh receives the call that he was dreading: Edith’s nurse tells him that he needs to come see his grandmother right away. Josh, understandably, is devastated after her death. From what I understand, she practically raised him. Edith, herself, was quite a remarkable woman. A Holocaust survivor, she immigrated to the United States and built her own dress manufacturing and fashion design company…

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